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Top Activities & Things To Do In Outback Australia In 2022
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Outback adventures in Australia are truly memorable experiences found nowhere else in the world.


The wild Australian landscape, unique native animals and diverse terrain create the perfect setting for one-of-a-kind outback activities. Looking for things to do in Outback Queensland?


Here are five unforgettable activities at Mt. Mulligan Lodge.

The Best Things To Do In Outback Australia

1. Barramundi Fishing


Whilst staying at Mt Mulligan Lodge, guests can stand on the banks of weir and cast a line out while soaking up the sights and sounds of the Australian Outback. native Eucalyptus trees line the banks and whilst various wildlife such as water buffaloes, agile wallabies and kingfishers watch on.


Prefer to fish from the water? Borrow one of the lodge’s kayaks and find a quiet spot for an afternoon of ‘yak fishing.’ If you manage to reel in a mature-size barramundi, you can bring it back and have Mt. Mulligan Lodge’s expert chefs cook it to your liking.

2. Dining Under the Stars


One of the most romantic things to do in Outback Queensland, Dining Under the Stars at Mt. Mulligan Lodge includes a multi-course degustation dinner showcasing fresh, regional produce. Our chefs put an innovative twist on the region’s delicacies, including prawns and red claw crab.


Enjoy this private dining experience with your loved one under a canopy of bright constellations and the magnificent Milky Way galaxy. Each dish is a sensuous journey through Queensland’s gastronomic delights, paired with sommelier-chosen wines from an exclusive list.

3. Historical Township & Mine Tours


Now a ghost town, the remains of the Mount Mulligan township are rich in history. In 1907, coal deposits were discovered underlying the impressive landmark of Mount Mulligan (Ngarrabullgan), 160km west of Cairns. The coal was used largely for the Cairns district railway market throughout the First World War, and while it had been the scene of significant mining activity in the 19th century, by the early years of the 20th century was in severe decline. Sadly, the Mount Mulligan coal mine is the site of Queensland’s worst mining disaster, in 1921 a series of horrifying explosions ripped through the mine and took the lives of 75 coal miners working underground.


Mt Mulligan Lodge offers tours of the derelict remains of the township and coal mine providing an insight into how coal mines operated during that era. The township and mine can be explored by foot or ATV.


Nearby, you can also visit the Tyrconnell Gold Mine, the most famous and richest producers on the Hodgkinson Goldfield. In its heyday of the 1930s, around 100 pax worked at the mine earning about 3 pounds per week (workers lived in nearby Thornborough and Kingsborough townships) – Tyrconnell was the name of the mine itself. The Tyrconnell Gold Mine was fully operational right up until 1942, when 10 families were still making a living from the mine. Then after a Japanese air raid on July 31, 1942, when eight bombs were dropped near Mossman, the remaining families at Tyrconnell decided to flee.


Mt Mulligan Lodge now operates a guided tour of Tyrconnell Gold Mine and the nearby heritage cottage (the Gold Mine is approx. 35 minute drive from the lodge).

4. Kayaking or Stand-up Paddleboarding


Are you craving some outback adventures on the water? Take out one of the kayaks or stand-up paddleboards and venture onto the weir.


Get out on the water in the early hours of morning or around dusk for the chance to spot the elusive platypuses. You might also be fortunate enough to see barramundi jumping out of the water or wallabies grazing by the riverbank.

5. Walking Tours


Some outback activities invite you to slow down and truly appreciate the natural spoils of the Australian Outback. Guided and self-guided walking tours at Mt Mulligan Lodge are a great way to learn more about Australia’s unique flora and fauna, including rainbow lorikeets, wallabies, kookaburras and endemic plants.


Pick up one of the Mount Mulligan Naturalist Charts to help you identify plants and animals around the property. Once you’ve finished, soak your weary muscles in the rustic private bathtub back at your retreat or at the infinity pool, both boasting panoramic views of the majestic escarpment.

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6. Watch the Sunset from Mt Mulligan Hill


There are few sunset views at Mt Mulligan Lodge that can compete with those from Mt Mulligan Hill. It offers a sprawling vista of Mt Mulligan’s glorious sandstone features and lush foliage which glows in red, yellow and orange hues as the sun sinks below the horizon.


The hilltop is also a great spot to admire the ruggedly handsome landscape surrounding Mt Mulligan, including Lake Geraldine and the abandoned mining township. Embrace the moment with a gourmet cheeseboard and some delicious sundowners from the resort’s bar.

7. Visit Chillagoe Wonders


The wonders of Chillagoe await only 140 kilometres from Mt Mulligan Lodge. This fascinating region was once an ancient coral reef which has transformed into magnificent limestone bluffs home to around 560 caves.


You can learn more about the caves, the old mining town and the region’s history during a guided tour of Chillagoe Wonders. Wander through the intricate cave systems while admiring stalactites, stalagmites and flowstones. You can also discover rich Aboriginal history dating back 37,000 years throughout Chillagoe – Mungana Caves National Park, including two rock art galleries.

8. Cobbold Gorge Tour


One of the last best-kept secrets of the Outback Queensland, Cobbold Gorge is a beautiful oasis in the Gulf Savannah region. A Cobbold Gorge tour is one of the most rewarding things to do in Queensland’s outback. Showcasing the gorge’s natural splendours, it’s a three-hour-long journey on foot and via boat.


The walking portion includes information on the region’s geology, flora and fauna. One highlight is certainly walking across the glass bridge, which offers incredible views of the gorge below. The boat cruise, meanwhile, is your chance to sit back and marvel at the size of the gorge and its intricate details.

9. Stargazing: Outback Constellations


Stargazing is one of the most unique things to do in Outback Queensland. What makes it so special is how many constellations and galaxies you can see, thanks to the lack of light pollution. On a clear night at Mt Mulligan Lodge the sky becomes a twinkling tapestry of planets, Magellanic Clouds and rarely seen constellations.


Here at the lodge, we offer an immersive Outback Astronomy experience. With a knowledgeable guide and powerful telescope, it’s a celestial journey exploring the wonders of the night sky.

10. Scenic Helicopter Flight


There’s a reason a scenic helicopter flight is one of the Bespoke Experiences at Mt Mulligan Lodge. This is a truly unforgettable Outback Queensland experience, transporting you high above the landscape for beautiful bird’s-eye views.


A scenic helicopter flight lets you really witness the size and magnificence of Mt Mulligan. Witness its ancient sandstone formations, rugged surrounding landscape and Indigenous Australian sites as you sweep overhead. There’s no denying that it’s one of the outback’s natural wonders, almost 10 times the size of Uluru.

Start Planning Your Next Outback Adventure

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