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Outback Activities & Experiences

The activities at Mt Mulligan Lodge have been designed to make the most of the rugged outback territory.

Mt Mulligan Lodge offers  outback activities such as guided tours of the goldfields including a sighting of Australia’s oldest operating gold stamper at Tyrconnell, exploration of the historic Mount Mulligan coal mine and abandoned township, ATV adventures discovering the history and beauty of the region, chef-prepared gourmet picnic hampers, wildlife spotting, sunset drinks overlooking the escarpment, stargazing, hikes around the southern face of Mount Mulligan, Barramundi fishing in the weir, scenic helicopter flights and the chance to witness the day-to-day operations of a working cattle station (subject to muster dates).


  • Mount Mulligan Old Township, Coal Mine & Cemetery Tour

    Now a ghost town, the remains of Mount Mulligan Township is rich in history. Originally laid out in 1912 and abandoned in 1958, the once busy coal mining town now only consists of a cemetery, a single residence which was the former hospital, a chimney stack, and the electricity generator. The Mount Mulligan coal mine opened in 1915 but is sadly the site of Queensland’s worst mining disaster which took 75 workers' lives in 1921. The derelict remains of the township and mine are eerie yet visually arresting and give an insight into how coal mines operated during that era. Duration: 2.5 hours. 

  • Tyrconnell Gold Mine

    Wind back time and venture out on one of our most talked-about tours. Explore the once operational Tyrconnell Gold Mine, the most famous mine on the Hodgkinson goldfield. Much of the infrastructure remains untouched, allowing visitors to uncover the history and tenacious prospecting life at this captivating site. The 10-head gold stamper, the oldest operating in Australia, and industrial machinery from yesteryear are a sight to behold. The old thriving gold miners' village and shaft at Tyrconnell hold many tales. Let's take you back to this flourishing town's heyday in the 1930s when these hills were filled with around 100 prospectors hoping to strike it rich and earning about 3 pounds a week. Duration: 3 hours.


  • Branch Lookout ATV Tour

    For those who love adventure, nothing beats getting behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and exploring boulder-strewn creeks, navigating outback tracks, meeting our curious cattle and immersing yourself in the wonders of this ancient landscape that’s steeped in indigenous culture dating back 37,000 years. At the picturesque south end of Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan), known as The Branch, rest for some refreshments and a fantastic photo opportunity. Duration: 3 hours.

  • Sunrise Splendour

    If you are an early riser, there’s nothing quite like watching the sunrise over the Hodgkinson Valley as Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) wakes and dominates the surrounding landscape. Traverse through gently rolling hills on an ATV and witness when first light sparks the landscape in flamboyant red and orange. There’s a coffee stop at Geraldine lookout before finishing up with a spot of bird watching at Lake Geraldine.  Don't forget to pack your binoculars. Duration: 2 hours.

  • Mount Mulligan Station Tour

    Head out for a true outback experience on the Mount Mulligan Station Tour. Meet the beautiful Brahman cattle that freely graze on our 28,000-hectare cattle station and learn more about the pastoral history and day-to-day running of the cattle station. Duration: 2.5 hours.

  • Sunset Bar

    As the sky glows like an ember at sunset and the ridges of the escarpment come alive, take your electric buggy up to the Sunset Bar. Bring a camera, sip some sundowners and meet fellow travellers as you watch the sun set over Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan).

  • Mount Mulligan Walks

    Lace-up your boots and instantly be immersed in the natural beauty and rich history of this unique 28,000ha property and its star, Mount Mulligan (Ngarrabullgan). Range far and wide from the lodge along varying trails that uncover the unique flora, fauna, geology, and history of Mount Mulligan. The tales of this spiritual and captivating landscape lie deep, waiting to be explored. Trails include The Weir Walk, The Lodge Loop Track (6.5km), Railway Track (2.9km) and Geraldine Rock Track (1.2km).

  • Barrayak

    Discover the beauty of Mount Mulligan weir and its surrounding riparian flora and fauna species from a kayak! Enjoy the tranquillity of the bush and bring a fishing rod to try your hand at Barramundi fishing from your kayak.

  • Barramundi Fishing

    The weir at Mount Mulligan is home to Australian Barramundi. Cast your line from the weir's banks or from a kayak. Mature Barramundi can be brought back to the lodge and prepared to your liking by the Chef.


  • Paddle Boarding

    Mt Mulligan Lodge provides stand-up paddle boards so you can enjoy some light exercise whilst taking in the scenery on the weir. You might even be lucky enough to sight a platypus!


  • Dining Under the Stars

    Our signature experience ‘Dining Under the Stars’ is a must-do for any guests celebrating a special occasion in the outback. An intimate seven course degustation dinner is served on the edge of the weir under a blanket of flickering stars and in the shadow of lofty Mount Mulligan. The menu puts a flavoursome twist on outback living and is paired to Sommelier chosen wines from our reserve wine list. Bookings are essential and limited to one couple per evening $240 pp (limited to one party). 


  • Ah Bowers Waterhole Sunset

    Spend a tranquil afternoon down on the banks of the Hodgkinson River at Ah Bowers (Mulligan’s Waterhole) and soak up the serenity of the outback on this sunset tour. Take a tube ride, observe the array of birds that can be found on the property, try your luck catching a Red Claw or pan for gold before enjoying a cheese platter and some cold beverages before the sun goes down on another day Adult $100 pp, Child $50 pp (maximum 4 guests). Duration: 3hrs

  • Gorge Hike

    Discover this vast territory by foot on a hike to Ngarrabullgan Gorge at sunrise. Not for the faint of heart, this hike takes you scrambling up and down boulders bound by the towering escarpment and through lush vegetation to a picturesque gorge. A refreshing waterhole beckons you to take a dip as a reward for your efforts $50 pp (minimum 2 guests) - 1.3km moderate to difficult hike and seasonal. Duration: 2.5hrs

  • Gorge Sunset Hike

    Discover this vast territory by foot on a hike to Mount Mulligan Gorge at sunset. Not for the faint of heart, this hike takes you scrambling up and down boulders bound by the towering escarpment and through lush vegetation to a picturesque gorge. A refreshing waterhole beckons you to take a dip as a reward for your efforts. Sip on champagne and graze on a cheese board as you watch the sunset over the stunning Hodgkinson Basin. Adult $145 pp, Child $80 pp (maximum 4 guests) - 1.3km moderate to difficult hike and seasonal. Duration: 3hrs

  • Geraldine Sunset Loop

    This guided ATV Tour will wind you through the valleys and captivating landscape before arriving at Geraldine Falls lookout in the late afternoon. This beautiful vantage point overlooks Lake Geraldine below, the abandoned mining township, the imposing sandstone monolith and is home to a number of bird species. Enjoy a gourmet cheese board and chilled sundowner, or two, as the landscape changes colour from dusk to darkness $145 pp (maximum 2 guests). Duration: 3hrs

  • Junior Rangers Tour

    Head out with one of our guides and explore the wonders of the outback. Inspiring curiosity, discovery and connection, learn about animal tracks, bush medicine, feed the barramundi in the weir and meet the unique wildlife and diverse plants that call Mount Mulligan home. On returning to base camp, check out our awesome activity book packed with puzzles, colouring, drawing and more! Child $60 pp. Duration: 1hr

  • Sunset at Myra Myra Ridge

    In utter seclusion at Myra Myra Ridge, soak up the sights and sounds of the Australian outback with 360 degree views of this ancient landscape. Start with a trip down to the banks of the Hodgkinson River where you will have Ah Bowers waterhole to yourself. Take a tube ride down the river and cool down in the refreshing waterhole before one of our guides will drop you at this private hideaway at Myra Myra Ridge. Sip French Champagne, savour canapés and indulge yourself with private views of the sunset whilst witnessing a beautiful light show over the expansive wilderness. $250 pp (maximum 2 guests or a private group). Duration: 3hrs

  • Southern Ngarrabullgan Hike

    This half-day tour highlights the ancient wonders of this spiritually sacred country. Explore the base of Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) and the mysteries and intrigue that surround this timeless landscape and its Traditional Owners, the Kuku Djungan people $200 pp (maximum 4 guests). Duration: 4hrs

  • Celestial Dreams

    As darkness falls, the outback sky turns a black velvet and a star-speckled blanket appears over the remote landscape.  Our Celestial Dreams experience takes place just after sunset and takes guests on a celestial appreciation tour through the southern night sky. Let's float up into the Milky Way and get lost in the varying constellations, stars, and planets seen through the eyes of Indigenous and Greek mythologies. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the galaxy above using our resident telescope and a Mount Mulligan Night Sky Map whilst sipping on an aperitif $100 pp (maximum 6 guests). Duration: 1hr

  • Photography Sunrise Tour

    Photographers are spoilt for choice at Mount Mulligan with iconic sunrises that light up the escarpment and an abundance of wildlife that roam our 28,000 hectare cattle station. Use the morning light to observe some of the 126 species of birds that have been recorded at the property with the help of a Field Guide and a pair of binoculars, or have your camera at the ready as the inquisitive Brahman cattle wander across your path. $50 pp (minimum 2 guests). Duration: 2hrs

  • Guided Nature Walk

    Set off on foot on a guided nature walk around the Mount Mulligan weir.  The weir is a refuge for an array of native wildlife including bounding agile wallabies, freshwater turtles, many bird species, and a diverse collection of flora. This Field Guide-led walk amidst the beautiful Australian bushland takes a little over an hour $50 pp (maximum 6 guests). Duration: 1.5hrs

  • Scenic Helicopter Flight

    Take a scenic helicopter flight over the star of the show Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan). Best seen from the sky, nothing quite prepares you for the scale and grandeur of this ancient mountain that’s embedded with cultural significance dating back 37,000 years. A natural wonder of the outback, the 18km-long conglomerate, and sandstone escarpment is 10 times larger than Uluru (Ayers Rock). To the Kuku Djungan people, Ngarrabullgan is the birthplace of the iconic creator spirit the Rainbow Serpent. Price on application. Duration: 15 or 30mins

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