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When planning a holiday in beautiful Queensland, it’s natural to think about finding a destination on the coastline. After all, the state has some of the best beaches and scenic coastline in the country. But have you considered a holiday exploring the vast landscapes found in Queensland’s outback? 


The Sunshine State offers an endless number of adventures and experiences for everyone to enjoy, so we’ve put together some outback holiday ideas to help you start planning your next getaway.

Queensland Outback Holiday Ideas for 2022

#1 – Adventure Holiday Flight


Mount Mulligan is situated west of Cairns in Far North Queensland and is an awesome location to experience an outback holiday. The experience doesn’t get any more dramatic and exciting than taking in the spectacular views of the sprawling back-country from the air.


You can book in for a helicopter ride that flies over the Mount Mulligan region, so occupants can take in the splendid grandeur of the area. Ngarrabullgan (Mount Mulligan) itself is ancient and has held a cultural significance for the Indigenous Land Owners for tens of thousands of years. The sandstone escarpment is an 18 kilometre long conglomerate that is considerably larger than Uluru. Indigenous tribes believe Ngarrabullgan is the birthplace of the creator of the world, Eekoo the Rainbow Serpent, who guards the top of the mountain.


Helicopter flights are not something people do every day, so when you embark on this unique Queensland outback holiday idea, it’s something you’ll always remember.

#2 – ATV Outback Trail Adventure


There is a lot to see and do in Queensland’s outback and if you base yourself at the Mount Mulligan Lodge, you can book in for an exciting ATV Outback Trail Adventure. 


It can get a little dusty out there, so you’ll need to wear the face mask and goggles that the tour guide supplies you with so you have some protection. The all- terrain vehicle (ATV) will then take you speeding away along a dry and rutted track as your adventure begins.


As that famous red dust starts to fly, the ATV will careen along the extensive dirt trails of the property, following fence lines and veering around the free-roaming wild brumby horses and Brahman cattle that frequent the area.


Cannon through dry creek beds as you zip through river gum and ironbark forests, up and over ravines, then down the other side. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a lovely shady location beside the Hodgkinson River, where everyone will enjoy a much-needed drink.

#3 – Celestial Dreams Experience


Something that’s unique to the outback and incredibly spectacular is the vividness of the night sky. With virtually no ambient light around to interfere, the heavens will be ablaze with stars you never even knew existed. This remote landscape looks even more impressive once the sun goes down and the temperature drops. If there’s no moon, the sky is black, making a myriad of stars glisten like the finest diamonds.


The Celestial Dreams experience is about taking guests on a tour of appreciation of this intense night sky. Maybe for the first time, you’ll see true glimpses of the Milky Way. Using a telescope, participants can explore the galaxy above whilst sipping on an aperitif.

Start Planning Your Outback Holiday In Queensland


In Queensland’s outback, you can be amazed by a night sky so alive with stars you almost won’t believe it. A helicopter adventure ride is the best way to see the region and one of the most exciting, but an ATV Tour is loads of fun too once you’re down on the ground.


For more Queensland outback holiday ideas, check out everything that you can see and do on the Mount Mulligan Lodge website. The area offers so many adventures that you’ll wonder why you didn’t come here sooner.

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