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From its signature sun-soaked coastlines and vibrant reef-filled waters to its ancient tropical rainforests and its own touch of the outback to the west, Queensland is home to a treasure trove of experiences just waiting to be discovered.


In our ‘Top 10 Outback Adventures’ blog, we highlight Queensland’s ultimate must-see experiences.


10 Outback Adventures

Stay at Mt Mulligan Lodge

Located 160kms north-west of Cairns, Mt Mulligan Lodge offers luxury outback getaway accommodation on a secluded 28,000-hectare heritage property in remote Far North Queensland,


Offering all-inclusive luxury accommodation in the shadow of majestic Mount Mulligan, this lodge features three different room types, a beautifully designed main pavilion for guest meals and relaxation, an infinity pool and sunset bar. Each guest room at Mt Mulligan Lodge is also assigned its own electric buggy to explore the property with ease.

Relax in the Daintree Rainforest

Nestled among the heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, the Daintree Ecolodge is the perfect Northern Queensland destination to reconnect with nature and the people that you love.


Offering unique accommodation in a breathtaking location, this tropical retreat is the only boutique accommodation in the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest.

With 15 eco-friendly bayans set in the stunning Daintree, wake up to the sound of the birds in the canopy above, take in the majesty of the ancient tropical wilderness, and discover the Ecolodges’ private and pristine waterfall on a leisurely walk through the enchanting rainforest.

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Stay at an Exclusive Island Resort

Accommodating just 28 people, Orpheus Island Lodge is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly private island lodge located on the Great Barrier Reef.


Orpheus Island is the ultimate secluded, unspoilt Northern Queensland paradise, and stretches across 11km of immaculate turquoise coastline. The island itself, comprising more than 1,000 hectares of National Park, is surrounded by pristine fringing reef you can access simply by stepping out from your accommodation.


The pinnacle of luxury, eco-friendly, boutique accommodation, Orpheus Island Lodge is a must-see destination for anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Queensland travel experience.

Watch the Sunset at Mount Mulligan’s Sunset Bar


Head over to the Mount Mulligan rustic Sunset Bar and enjoy a sun-downer as you watch the setting Queensland sun make Mount Mulligan’s escarpment come alive.


Only a short 2-minute electric buggy ride from Mount Mulligan Lodge; bring a camera, grab a drink, meet fellow travellers, enjoy the sunset and take in the magical scenery!

Barramundi Fishing in Mount Mulligan’s Weir

The weir at Mount Mulligan is teeming with Australian Barramundi. Cast your line from the riverbank or a kayak and try your luck at catching a Barramundi or two.


Mature Barramundi can be brought back to the lodge and prepared to your liking by the Mount Mulligan Lodge Chef.

Become a Prospector at Tyrconnell Gold Mine

Discover the epic Gold Rush history in the Tyrconnell region, where you can explore the once-operational Tyrconnell Gold Mine on a guided day tour. The two-hour tour showcases the region’s enthralling history while you explore the mining site and see a 120-year-old quartz crushing machine in operation.

Cattle Mustering at Mt. Mulligan Lodge

One of the most sought-after North Queensland holiday destinations, Mt. Mulligan Lodge has amazed many guests with its authentic Outback experiences, including on-site cattle mustering.


Guests wanting to experience a slice of life in the harsh outback can sign up for one of the several cattle musters that occur yearly. Be prepared for some hard work, a lot of shouting and an all-encompassing adrenalin rush as you work in teams to muster the scattered cattle and direct them back to their yards.


It is truly one of the most memorable Queensland experiences and one that will earn you plenty of cold beers at the pavilion bar afterwards.

Stargazing in the Outback

Void of light pollution, the night sky in the outback is a truly magical experience during North Queensland holidays. On a clear night millions of bright stars populate the sky, revealing constellations unique to the Southern Hemisphere. You can see more stars than in Australia’s cities and towns, along with the brilliant Milky Way galaxy.


Stargazing is a great way to truly appreciate The Outback’s all-night screening of constellations, planets and galaxies while learning more about what lays beyond our atmosphere.


It’s just one of the many activities offered at Mt. Mulligan Lodge.

Get Rough & Wild on an ATV Branch Tour

Are you lured in by Outback adventures and nature? Jump behind the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and explore the rugged and wild Outback around Mt. Mulligan Lodge. Pump the gas as you traverse bumpy off-road trails and navigate the tranquil creeks while keeping your eyes peeled for native wildlife.

Your guide knows the lay of the land, so you’re in experienced hands when it comes to finding those hidden gems around the property. As you head further south towards the area known as The Branch, you’ll cruise past some of the local cattle and might even spot a bounding wallaby or two.

Once you reach The Branch, it’s time to pull over and soak up the surrounding nature while enjoying morning tea. The food is prepared ahead of time and comprises a range of freshly-made Aussie treats.

Admire the Outback from above on a Helicopter Tour

Sure, it’s one thing exploring Mt. Mulligan Lodge on foot, in a kayak or by ATV, but we’re forgetting one pretty incredible way to admire this spectacular countryside: from a helicopter. Witness the seemingly endless escarpment, wide-open savannah, creeks beds and native forest sprawl out beneath you as you fly overhead during one of our favourite Australian Outback tours.

With a bird’s-eye view of the region, you can better appreciate the vastness of the Australian Outback while staying low enough to see the cattle and various native wildlife. Our experienced pilots will position you above Mt. Mulligan’s iconic spots, including the dramatic Hodgkinson Valley and the sheer cliff face of the mountain.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of why this land is so precious to the Indigenous people as you learn about this natural landmark rich in Aboriginal culture. Cap your helicopter tour off with an Australian wine or beer after landing.

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