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Ngarrabullgan lies at the heart of Djungan country and its magnificence dominates the Mount Mulligan landscape.
Ngarrabullgan is a remnant section of floor from a vast Mesozoic rift which means its beginnings were in pre-historic times.
It was formed as successive layers of sediment (coal, conglomerate and sandstone) were deposited into the rift, before tectonic movements caused surrounding metamorphic rocks to drop away from the deposits and erosion to occur, this process over millions of years, leaves Ngarrabullgan as a freestanding conglomerate and sandstone mountain.
Guests can take an ATV to the base of Ngarrabullgan to see this ancient structure up close and enjoy stunning views out across the Hodkinson Goldfield Valley.
To the Djungan, Ngarrabullgan is the birthplace of the Rainbow serpent. Aboriginal people started living on Ngarrabullgan at least 37,000 years ago but archaeological research suggests the Djungan stopped camping there about 600 years ago. According to research, this change in behaviour aligns with their narrative about the Eeeko, one of the spirits of the mountain. Ngarrabullgan is important to all Australians as it is a rare example of an archaeologically recorded change in behaviour consistent with contemporary Aboriginal traditions and beliefs.

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