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The coal mining history at Mount Mulligan dates back to 1910 with the old ruins standing where the town was once a hive of activity.
The mine has a haunting history and widely known as the site of Queensland’s worst mining disaster which took place in 1921. It closed in 1957 with families moving away but leaving remnants of the community that once lived there behind.
Guests of Mt Mulligan Lodge can enjoy a self-guided journey on ATV to the old town and mine site. They can stand at the original mine entrance and experience the fierce heat of the mountain on their faces and imagine what this would have been like for the many workers who worked down in the mines, day in and day out.


No2 + captionEntrance to the Mount Mulligan Coal Mine, 1921State Library of Queensland
No 2C + captionAug 1912 Entrance to the Number 3 tunnel into the Mount Mulligan MineState Library of Queensland
No2D + captionCoal pit at Mount Mulligan_ Entrance to the coal pit adjacent to the escarpment._ August 1912State Library of Queensland
No2E + captionCoal tipler and screen at Mount Mulligan Colliery, ca. 1917State Library of Queensland
No3 +captionMount Mulligan coal mine disaster of 1921_The cable drums blown 50 ft. from their foundations.State Library of Queensland
No3A + captionSketch from the Worker after the Mount Mulligan mining disaster 1921State Library of Queensland
No3D + captionPower house and weighbridge on the Mount Mulligan Coal Mine's Tramway 1921State Library of Queensland
No4 + captionRailway lines at MM ca. 1923 at right- large timber construction, possibly for storing& loading minerals into trainsState Library of Queensland
No4A + captionMount Mulligan viewed from the railway line, ca. 1923State Library of Queensland
No5 + captionTownship of Mount Mulligan at the foot of the mountain, ca. 1923
No5A + captionMulligan ca. 1923
No6 + captionTown of Mt Mulligan with train and 1st hotel
No6A + captionLooking towards the old coal tippler
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