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We’re calling it; holiday budget blow-out is a thing and it happens to the best of us. Experienced traveller, mid-weight vacay dabbler, or complete novice; it doesn’t matter who you are, unexpected expenses don’t discriminate. The best thing is that all-inclusive accommodation packages are the solution.


Here are five reasons why all-inclusive holidays, and holidays at Mt Mulligan Lodge, are the best way to travel.

They’re Stress-Free

When you book all-inclusive accommodation at Mt Mulligan Lodge, you can say farewell to mid-holiday anxiety. Instead, welcome carefree feelings of joy as you experience daily chef-prepared meals, selected Australian beers and wine, unlimited snacks from the mini bar, resort activities, and daily curated experiences unique to your location of choice. Because, when you’re kayaking in the weir amongst the majestic backdrop of Mount Mulligan, we can all agree that money is the last thing you’ll want to have on your mind.


Affordable Luxury

Flights, accommodation, travel insurance; the price of a holiday can quickly add up, and that’s before you’ve even left home. Remove the risk of tipping the scales on your next vacay and hit go on an all-inclusive holiday at Mt Mulligan Lodge. Accommodating only 16 guests, the standalone pavilions seamlessly glide into nature, allowing guests to appreciate the serenity of the outback. The upfront cost means you’ll know exactly how much you can splurge on the outback luxury accommodation of your dreams. For extra value, savour a fifth night on us when you book four nights of all-inclusive accommodation before the end of 2019 here.

World-Class Dining

If you’re the kind of person who eats their way through a holiday (no judgment), all-inclusive resorts are the accommodation genre for you. Sit back and indulge as the chefs of Mt Mulligan Lodge take you on a culinary journey of light, contemporary meals featuring the finest in locally sourced, caught and freshly grown seasonal ingredients. We even go the extra mile in treating your tastebuds to a curated collection of Australian beers and wines, putting a flavoursome spin on outback dining, as well as the state of your credit card.


Unlimited Activities 

Mt Mulligan Lodge provides the perfect landing pad for activities enhanced by North Queensland’s outback landscape. Guided tours of the goldfields, exploration of the historic Mount Mulligan coal mine, ATV adventures discovering the region, wildlife spotting, barramundi fishing in the weir; there’s no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have when all the activities are included in an all-inclusive accommodation package.


Minimal Effort

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stress and effort that goes into planning a holiday, but it all disappears the moment you book an all-inclusive holiday at Mt Mulligan Lodge. Daily chef-prepared meals, modern and secluded suites, your own electric buggy, and unlimited activities; let us take care of it all whilst you focus solely on your holiday state of mind.

Your time is much better spent sipping cocktails and mingling in the on-site Rustic Bar, or enjoying a scenic helicopter joy ride over Mt Mulligan’s 28km sandstone ridge.

Book Your All-Inclusive Holiday Package Now

Are you looking to book a stress-free holiday? Contact the team at Mt Mulligan Lodge to line up your all-inclusive holiday package today.  We think you’ve earned it.