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Are you searching for a unique couple’s retreat? Look no further than Mount Mulligan in Queensland’s adventurous outback. Home to the extravagant Mt. Mulligan Lodge, this holiday retreat provides equal measures of luxury, nature, relaxation and excitement.


Where else in the world can you go from sipping cocktails in an infinity pool, to picnicking beside a weir, soaring in a helicopter and dining under the stars? Here are just some reasons why Mount Mulligan is the best couple’s retreat.

Why Mount Mulligan is the Perfect Couple’s Retreat

1. Private Dining Experiences


Dining Under the Stars is one of Mt. Mulligan Lodge’s bespoke experiences. It’s also one of the most romantic experiences in the outback. You can indulge in an intimate seven-course degustation dinner served on the shore of the weir. High above you the glistening night sky creates a vibrant ceiling of stars, planets and galaxies. 


The setting is complemented by an unbelievable menu that showcases the unique flavours of the Australian Outback. The fresh, seasonal produce is paired with Sommelier-chosen wines. Make sure you save room for dessert.

2. Perfect Packages for Couples 


Mt. Mulligan Lodge has the perfect holiday package for couples. The resort’s XOXO Package is tailor-made for couples seeking all-inclusive accommodation in the outback. It includes four nights at the resort and all meals and selected drinks throughout the stay. 


There are of course some extra inclusions thoughtfully chosen to create an unforgettable couple’s retreat. These include a bottle of French Champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries on arrival and a private stargazing tour. You also have a daily outback experience to choose from, such as an ATV tour, sunset drinks and a 4WD safari. And did we mention unlimited use of the stand-up paddleboards and kayaks? 

3. Romantic Outback Activities


Get lost together in the wonders of the night sky. The otherworldly planets and galaxies are on display in the Queensland Outback. During the Celestial Dreams experience, you can explore the Milky Way, various constellations and planets while learning about their Indigenous and Greek mythologies. 


Your guide’s stories add even more insight into the night sky. It’s a truly unique experience to share with your loved one as you sip on an aperitif and discover worlds beyond our own planet.

Escape on a Couple’s Retreat to Mount Mulligan


Mount Mulligan provides the perfect setting, service and opulence for your next couple’s retreat. Book your stay at Mt. Mulligan Lodge today and prepare for an unforgettable holiday.

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