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Planning a wedding can be both a wonderful and stressful occasion. One of the reasons couples look forward to their honeymoon is it gives them a chance to truly relax, unwind and simply enjoy each others’ company. And what better location to disconnect and get away from it all than Queensland’s outback.

If you’ve been trying to come up with some cool and unique ideas for your post wedding getaway, then check out these outback honeymoon ideas.

3 Outback Honeymoon Ideas for the Adventurous Couple

#1 – Dine under the stars  


My Mulligan Lodge is located right in the heart of the stunning outback and it’s your gateway to exploring this amazing part of the state. One of the Lodge’s signature experiences is Dining Under the Stars. It’s the ultimate romantic experience for honeymooners and something that will truly blow your mind.


You and your partner will be treated to a 7 course dinner with wine, while perched on the edge of the peaceful weir. As you enjoy your meal and the sun sets on the western horizon, you’ll both be bedazzled by the number of stars that appear in the heavens above you. With no ambient lighting to diminish their glow, you’ll see the night sky the way it was always meant to be seen, in all its glittering glory. It doesn’t get any more romantic than the Dining Under the Stars experience.


Discover more about it here.

#2 – Experience an Adventure Helicopter Flight 


Lift off for a helicopter flight adventure. Not only is a chopper ride an amazing experience to share with your significant other, it’s also the very best way to drink all the sights and wonders of the beautiful outback countryside.


Mount Mulligan is an ancient mountain range and your helicopter flight path is designed to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Be sure to bring a camera so you can take some brag-worthy photos from up in the sky.


Indigenous mythology believes that Mount Mulligan is the birthplace of the Rainbow Serpent, the creator of the world. Stretching for 18 kilometres and 10 times larger than Uluru, Mount Mulligan and the surrounding area is truly a wonder to behold, something that can only be truly appreciated from a birds eye view.


More details can be found here.

#3 – Enjoy Your Own Private Picnic


Going on a picnic can be one of the most romantic experiences a couple can have, especially if you enjoy a picnic dinner in the wilderness at dusk. In the Mt Mulligan region of the outback, the sky really comes alive at dusk, with brilliant sunset colours as daytime evolves into twilight.


A guided ATV tour from Mt Mulligan Lodge will see you and your partner travelling out to magnificent Geraldine Falls Lookout late in the afternoon. Enjoy the journey and take in the sights before arriving at your location that overlooks Lake Geraldine way down below. This is an old mining township beneath the magnificent sandstone mountain that led to the naming of Mt Mulligan Lodge.


Couples then get to kick back in the open air, drink in the view and enjoy a gourmet cheese board, which is all washed down with a sundowner or two. The colours of the landscape change dramatically from twilight to darkness and you’ll get to experience it in all its splendour.


Learn more about this awesome picnic experience for two.

Start Planning Your Outback Honeymoon 


If you’re looking for unique honeymoon ideas with a difference, then consider venturing into Queensland’s outback and enjoying all the amenities, romance and adventure that are on offer at the magnificent Mt Mulligan Lodge.

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