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There’s no better way to discover Australia’s natural spoils and one-of-a-kind experiences than with an outback getaway.


At Mt. Mulligan Lodge, we offer a variety of authentic Australian outback experiences, from guided bush walks and ATV tours to bird watching and cattle mustering. Learn more about our unique outback adventures below.

The Perfect Australian Outback Adventure

Exploring Our Beautiful & Rugged Outback


Mt. Mulligan Lodge provides a number of ways to explore the outback terrain surrounding the impressive Mt. Mulligan escarpment. You can admire the Australian Outback from Hodgkinson River while kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding or embark on a self-guided or guided walking tour around the expansive property. Love some off-road driving? Navigate rocky creek beds, back-country trails and open cattle plains while commandeering one of our ATVs.

Historical Tours


There’s so much history to discover in the Mount Mulligan region. Our guided tours of the old Mount Mulligan township and Tyrconnell Gold Mine let you delve deep into a significant part of Australia’s mining history. Wander through the Mount Mulligan township while visiting the cemetery, and skeletons of the kiln, magazine buildings, power house and chimney stack. You’ll learn about Queensland’s worst mining disaster and how the miners used to live during the early-1900s boom.


Tyrconnell Gold Mine, meanwhile, showcases the gold rush era in Queensland. The well-preserved mining infrastructure includes a 10-head gold stamper and miner’s cottage. Tyrconnell Mine was discovered in 1876 by Irish-born Australian prospector and explorer James Mulligan, who was paid by the Queensland Government to find gold fields.

Animal & Birdwatching


Nature is a big part of an outback getaway to Mt. Mulligan Lodge. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic by the weir, bushwalking or sitting on your private deck, you can frequently spot agile wallabies, short beaked echidnas, rainbow lorikeets, azure kingfishers and laughing kookaburras.


Pick up one of our lodge’s naturalist charts and venture out in your electric buggy to find a variety of native flora and fauna around the property.

Cattle Mustering


Not only is Mt. Mulligan Lodge one of Australia’s best outback luxury resorts, but it’s also a 28,000-hectare working cattle station. Depending on when you visit, you might have the chance to join the cattle mustering that takes place here several times throughout the year.


Experience the excitement, pressure and teamwork of mustering before toasting to a hard day’s work at our Sunset Bar. It’s a truly unforgettable Australian Outback adventure.

Delicious Local Cuisine


No luxury outback getaway would be complete without gourmet dining on local cuisine. At Mt. Mulligan Lodge, our expert chefs create tantalising breakfast, lunch and dinner specialties using seasonal local fare sourced from the land and sea.


Dishes like eggs benedict with housemade hollandaise, ‘sustainably farmed’ black tiger prawns and Daintree Estates dark chocolate mousse turn your outback holiday into a truly sensory experience.



The night sky in the Queensland Outback is unlike anywhere else in the world. The world’s ceiling is a glittering tapestry of constellations and the impressive Milky Way galaxy. On certain nights it’s even possible to identify planets and, if you’re lucky, make a wish upon a shooting star.


Celestial Dreams, one of Mt Mulligan Lodge’s bespoke experiences, lets you explore the various Indigenous and Greek mythologies surrounding these constellations while admiring the stars through the resort’s telescope. Your knowledgeable guide will recount stories that will help you appreciate the night sky even more as you sip on an aperitif while getting lost in the worlds above.



One of Mt Mulligan’s biggest draws is its tranquil weir. This beautiful waterscape is overlooked by native trees and the towering cliff faces of Mt Mulligan. It’s also home to a variety of wildlife, including barramundi. Fishing at Mt Mulligan Lodge offers you a chance to reel in one of these prized fish while relaxing on the lake shore or floating on the water in a kayak. 


If you reel in a mature barramundi, you’re in for a treat. Bring it back to the lodge and our Chef will prepare it to your exact liking. There really is no fish fresher than one you’ve just pulled out of the water. Fishing on the weir is just one of the numerous signature experiences at Mt Mulligan, including stand-up paddle boarding and nature walks.

Explore by Helicopter 


A scenic helicopter flight is one of the most memorable things to do in the outback. You’ll be transported high above Mount Mulligan as you fly over the undulating countryside in an air-conditioned helicopter. Remarkable bird’s-eye views of the ancient sandstone formations and Indigenous Australian sites spread out below you. 


This outback adventure also gives you a great appreciation for the sheer size of Mount Mulligan, which is almost 10 times that of Uluru. Your knowledgeable pilot will keep you informed about all the history and landmarks along the way, including stories of Mount Mulligan birthing the Rainbow Serpent. And what better way to end your scenic flight than with a gourmet breakfast back at the lodge while admiring views of the mountain from a very different angle. 

Explore by ATV


While you’re spending time in the outback, you’ll want to get out and about to explore some of the area. Well, there are not many better ways to see the countryside than by booking in for an ATV (all terrain vehicle) tour. It’s sure to be the pinnacle of your outback adventure in the Mount Mulligan region.


The tour duration is about two and half hours and during that time you’ll get to see much of the area. With your face covered in a mask and goggles to keep the red dust out, your ATV will soar off from the lodge, weaving and winding its way along the many outback trails on the property. Follow fence lines, zoom past Brahman Bulls and wild brumbies, and even traverse dried up creek beds that are strewn with boulders. Not only will you see all the region has to offer, but you will also do it in style and with adrenaline pumping through your veins.


The bushland and native flora and fauna will zip past as you go over ravines and travel the river gum forests. Eventually, you will arrive at the Hodgkinson River, where your ATV will park under some shady trees so you can enjoy an icy cold drink on the banks of the river.


This is an adventure that you will never forget.


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Explore some of Queensland’s best hiking trails


When it comes to outback adventures, Queensland has loads to offer and that is epitomised by the wide selection of adventures and experiences available at Mt Mulligan Lodge. The region is home to some of outback Queensland’s best hiking trails and hiking is one of the most satisfying ways to explore somewhere new. You will get to see the sights and keep fit all at the same time.


As soon as you start your hike and venture away from the lodge, you will find yourself immersed in the area’s natural rugged beauty. The region is steeped in history and is also home to some of the country’s most unique flora and wildlife. Breathe in the fresh air and treat your senses to everything nature has to offer. A hike is one of the best ways to unplug from society, clear the mind and rejuvenate the soul.


Many hikers choose to embark on their journey in the early hours of the morning but anytime is a good time to hike the walking trails. Three of the main trails include the Geraldine Rock Track (1.2km), the Railway Track (2.9km) and the Lodge Loop Track (6.5km). Or, take the nature walk down to the Mount Mulligan weir.


Find out more about Mount Mulligan self-guided walks

Go Paddle Boarding through breathtaking scenery


Speaking of the Mount Mulligan weir, this is where you can get out on the water and paddle board in the shadow of the incredible Ngarrabullgan. The scenery will honestly take your breath away and you’ll get to see more of the area from an entirely new perspective.


Paddle boarding is a chilled and serene experience but it also provides you with some light exercise as you stand on top of the board and paddle around the weir. The weir is full of fish and you might even be lucky enough to spot a platypus.


Australia’s famous Barramundi also thrives in the Mount Mulligan weir, so if you fancy doing a spot of fishing from the banks while you are there, if you’re fortunate enough to hook a Barra, you can take it back to the lodge where one of the chefs will cook it to perfection.


Paddle boarding is a more sedate outback adventure experience in Mount Mulligan and something everyone should try at least once.


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